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    Have you ever wondered why gold and silver are such popular precious metals for investments? If you take a look around at what's going on in the global economy, you'll quickly see that governments are building up massive debts, inflation is a serious concern, currencies are volatile, and we do not appear to have learned much from the last banking crisis, either. Life is becoming more and more expensive, and currencies are becoming less and less valuable.


    Buying gold is one way to protect your purchasing power. Gold has a value that is intrinsic and separate from that of any currency. When you own gold, you're giving yourself a buffer against a banking collapse, or massive economic crisis. Gold is simply more stable, and safer than paper assets or traditional currency.

    Gold protects you against any bad decisions that the governments make. If the economy in the country where you live collapses, the gold that you won will still have value, and you can trade it, or sell it at the new value of your currency, to retain some purchasing power and get through rough times.


    Physical assets, held outside of the banking system, are really the best way to keep your purchasing power and survive any coming financial struggles. Shares are volatile in a way that gold is not - as one look at the FTSE 100 would tell you, or the FTSE 250.


    There are so many threats to the global economy right now. The Brexit vote, for example, sent a shockwave through the UK and Europe, and that was just a vote. The UK is yet to trigger Article 50, and when it does we will see yet another shock, followed by an adjustment period as companies try to understand the implications of whatever the new trade, employment, and tax rules are.


    Gold is volatile too - but to nowhere near the extent that less tangible assets are. If a company goes bust, their shares are worthless. If an economy collapses, the currency becomes nearly worthless. Your gold will not just 'cease to exist' one day, so it will always have some value - and the comparative value of gold, when you cash it in as a safe-haven asset - is likely to be much, much greater than anything else you hold.


    That's not to say that you shouldn't diversify your portfolio. If you can afford to invest in slightly riskier shares then there's always the possibility of very good returns from them. Even standard savings accounts are good for building up a safety net while retaining some degree of liquidity. The trick is making sure that you have assets that will see you through any kind of emergency - and that's why having gold in your portfolio is a good idea. It may not be as liquid or accessible an asset as some of the other things in your portfolio, but it is a stable and valuable asset that everyone should have.


    So if you are serious about investing in gold, which you probably are, hence you being on this page in the first place, the question has to be asked, who is the best company to buy gold from?



  • GoldBroker - Leading Gold Supplier

    Why Buy Gold From Goldbroker.com


    Investing in gold is a wise move, but if you're not used to buying precious metals then you might find that it's confusing figuring out what you should buy, how much you should pay, and how the assets work. You can buy gold from a lot of different places, but not all gold is really investment grade, and some brokers take so much in storage fees, or to sell the gold for you at a later date, that you'd have to hold on to the asset for a very long time to get any return from them.


    One reason why goldbroker.com is such a great place to buy gold is that it makes buying and selling real, physical bullion a much easier process. You can engage in lump sum investments, from a minimum of 15 troy ounces, and you have a lot of flexibility.

    When you buy from GoldBroker, you aren't trading fractional ownership of a big bar of gold. Rather, you're buying whole bars and you own them.


    The gold holdings are kept in Zurich, Switzerland, and buyers can pick up the gold from the vault themselves at any time if they wish to do so. It's also possible to request delivery of your gold to a location of your choice, but this service is only offered after the gold has been stored for a minimum of one year.


    While the minimum investment through GoldBroker is 15 troy ounces, there is no maximum. However, if you wish to hold more than 200 troy ounces, you will be referred to a partner service, GoldSwitzerland.


    The fees and commission amounts are kept to a minimum, which means that as much as possible you will have liquidity with your assets - you aren't going to end up buying gold then finding that it would 'cost you too much to sell it', in most cases at least. Gold can lose value as well as gain value, so there's no guarantee of returns, but you shouldn't find yourself facing punitive charges.


    GoldBroker is a trusted provider that is approved by Trustable Gold, and this means that clients actually own the gold and that the storage is insured. There is a transparent, regular audit carried out by external companies, and users can either withdraw their gold or have it delivered to them.


    The pricing is fully transparent and clear, and users have a good degree of liquidity with their assets. This takes the stress and uncertainty out of buying gold and gives buyers the security that they need to be able to make their gold purchases with confidence.


    The minimum fineness of the gold that is sold via GoldBroker.com is 99.5 percent, and the bars and coins that they sell come from prestigious mints and are certified either by those mints or by the London Bullion Market Association. This means that you know you're getting real gold that is very pure, and that is worth the quoted price - not impure gold or a gold plated bar.

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  • Main Benefits

    of Buying Gold From GoldBroker

    Safe Storage

    Storage of your gold is managed by Malca-Amit, a private operator independent from the international banking system. This company is a trusted storage partner for financial institutions and high net-worth individuals around the world. Their high security include a division dedicated to bullion storage


    Your physical precious metal investment will be stored in the vault of your choice in either Switzerland; Singapore, New York, or Toronto




    A small tagline

    GoldBroker.com delivers physical gold and silver to the United States or any international destination through their insured shipping services.


    Your products are wrapped separately in protective packaging to prevent shifting during shipment. There is no indication of package content on labels, the return address, or wrapping. Every package requires a signature upon delivery and is insured.


    Orders over $250,000 in value are delivered by armored car service only



  • Gold Bars Available

    This is just a sample of what is available from GoldBroker

    1 ounce Gold Bar - Valcambi

    1 ounce PAMP Lady Fortuna

    100 grams Cast Gold Bar

  • What Others Say

    Below are just a few of the many reviews on TrustPilot.com concerning the service from GoldBroker (just click the link above to read more)

    Ultimate Solution To Bullion Investment

    This is probably the best platform for bullion purchase and storage. The prices of gold and silver are very competitive and their premiums are lower than any other dealer I have visited.


    Simple to sign up and fund the account.
    Hesitated sending sensitive information but found out all was encrypted. Liked the direct title ownership and thin the extra time was worth it. The storage options are flexible.
    A very efficient service focused on details.

    First class service

    Everything you need to be reassured when first steps, very rare follow up and quick replies to all your questions. Serious and clear.
    Beyond my expectations indeed.

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